Meet the mass team.

Made with in Tucson, AZ.

While we are a service company, at our core we are a hospitality business. We are dedicated to ensuring that every individual we meet with achieves absolute happiness with their tailored solutions and are determined to simplify the way things stay connected.

With a team of five, we all come from different backgrounds all designed to provide the best experience possible. As advocates of tech and passionate helpers, our team of experts will solve all of your smart home needs and ensure the utmost satisfaction - we promise.
Dominic Carrillo

Dominic Carrillo

Co-founder & Business Development
Meet Dominic!
Dominic Carrillo is a passionate mind striving to deliver the best experience possible. He has industry leading knowledge in IoT and has been an expert/advocate in the smart home arena. Equipped with an extensive technical background – Dominic is focused on expert execution and making sure every problem is met with a tailored solution. Oh, and he loves astronomy.
Jose Castro

Jose Castro

Co-founder & Operations Manager
Meet Jose -
Jose Castro was born and raised in southern AZ. He has been working in the medical field for over three years and has grown to love his community unconditionally. Jose has a passion for helping and ensuring a piece of mind. Early morning hikes and loud music is what keeps him going on the weekends.
Michael Rowtie

Michael Rowtie

Director of Technical Services
Meet Michael!
Michael Rowtie is a remarkable person always makes sure to put others needs first. He is very knowledgeable in computer programming and smart home set-up. As a former GeekSquad agent, Michael listened to exactly what customers were missing. When running into a challenge Michael always knows how to solve the problem with a smile. Michael is very determined and dedicated to making the customer happy and learning new ways to create.
Arturo Gallardo

Arturo Gallardo

Senior Expert & Trainer
Meet Arturo!
Arturo Gallardo grew up in Nogales, AZ. A small nice town where everyone knows each other. As a kid, he loved to play all kinds of sports such as Football, baseball, basketball etc. Arturo believes that when playing sports you always need to communicate to achieve your goals. As a captain, Arturo enjoyed doing just that. That’s why he loves being a tech at mass where he can help out his customers and communicate the end-goal.

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During our interview with TechTalkRadio, we speak to our company mission, smart home technology, the future, Michaels Fortnite addiction and more.