Reimagining care.

At mass - our goal is to support both the families and providers when it comes to elder care. Our approach is a simple non-invasive way to help you monitor your loved ones. Using smart device technology - our experts can equip both providers and families with the solution to ensure their loved ones have the independence and safety they deserve.

Independence Simplified.

Our experts at mass use smart devices that are placed around your home to build a picture of daily activities that can be shared with those closest to you. No cameras and nothing to wear or hassle with, and you have complete control over who has access to your information.


Ease of use.

Habits help determine emergencies.

The best way to feel safe without invasive devices.

Always On

Don't worry about wearing an alarm to signal help. Smart devices in your space create a safe environment based on habit tracking.

You're the boss.

Automations designed for you.

Devices that do what you want and more.

Integrations based purely on your needs.


The right information.

The mass experts can help care organizations build a clear picture of the clients in-home activity, which can assist in developing and managing effective care plans to best meet their unique needs.

The solution.

Reduce cost with smart devices.

Establish a secure relationship that focuses on independence.

Quickly identify the health and wellbeing of clients.

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